Inspired by the beauty and wonder of Georgia’s oceanfront, the Coastal Georgia Apartment Association brand was born in 2017.

Client: Coastal Georgia Apartment Association
Services: Design, Art Direction, Brand Strategy

The Coastal Georgia Apartment Association is Coastal Georgia and the Savannah area’s affiliate of the Georgia & National Apartment Associations. Following its 2017 rebranding from the Greater Savannah Apartment Association, I was contracted to create the brand and the visual identity for the newly formed “Coastal Georgia Apartment Association.”

The CGAA is an association of apartment communities, apartment owners, managers, suppliers, and professionals dedicated to promoting and advancing the needs of the apartment industry in Coastal Georgia. Throughout my work for CGAA, I have created a full-scale branding package including the logo creation, creation of collateral, as well as overall brand strategy and how to properly implement and facilitate the visual usage of the logo, fonts, colors, etc. to portray the feel of Coastal Georgia while also maintaining the level of professionalism that would come with being a regional association.