UGA Stickers

Client: UGA Stickers
Date: September 7, 2016
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website

In August 2016, the University of Georgia Athletic Association and the New Media Institute within the Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication partnered together to release a sticker pack, a new iMessage app designed for the soon-to-be-released iOS 10. I was one of four New Media students chosen to take on this task, where I took the role as the co-design lead. The app, which was designed to be released on the first day of iOS 10’s public release, was a groundbreaking endeavor for the NMI with the app being the first Capstone project to launch on the iOS app store. As one of the team’s two designers, I designed over half of the app’s 30+ stickers that fell within the University of Georgia brand, as well as created promotional materials and wrote content for various press outlets that wanted to cover the app & it’s subsequent launch. The app is available today, download in the iOS App Store or visit

Co-Design Lead: Reilly Megee
Promotion & Photography Lead: Sam Moran
Content Lead: Emily Greenwood